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What to Expect

The only backpackers camp in the world that givs you a backpacker beach house, camping grounds, a crocodile and animal park, a garden and a beach, all wrapped up in One..

Welcome to the Backpackers Beach camp

Adventure, budget travel, beaches and all that fun.

Backpackers Beach House.

Groups and family day out

Crocodile and animal park.

Crocodiles, tortoiese, Guinea fowls And many more

Free Camp Site.

Free camp site With your gear.

Private beach.

enjoy a private beach Fishing and baot rides

About Us

Elmolo Backpackers Beach camp is located inside the Elmolo crocodile park and Uhanya beach, giving you a all in one exciting travel package.

We promise sites, hiking, boatrides, island excarvations and beautiful sunsets.


El'molo Crocodile Park
Uhanya Beach
P: +254723281732