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Best backpacking and adventure travel destination in western Kenya.

Elmolo Beach

Backpackers Accommodation Kisumu, Siaya

Leading backpacking accommodation in Western Kenya. Free campsite(consditions apply) and beach house.

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Island tours, fishing expeditions, white sand beaches, Bird watching.

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We provide facilities for groups and budget travellers to Kisumu and Siaya.

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Backpackers Kisumu, Siaya, Kenya

The Elmolo backpackers Beach camp is located within the Elmolo crocodile park, in Uhanya beach, Siaya county, Just a hours drive from Kisumu city. We provide the ideal destination for backpackers, overland tourists and adventure travel. The backpackers camp provides you with Free campsite (Terms & Conditions apply) a bamboo garden, private beach, crocodile and animal park all wrapped up on one. You also have alot of activities along lake victoria. Definitely your ideal location to visit while in western Kenya.

We provide an affordable, secure and comfortable experiece while making your stay exciting and fullfilling. Definitely a location you would love to visit and experience.

Apart from the backpackers camp, you have alot of activites and places to explore. We shall make your trip to the Emlomo backpackers beach camp an experience to cherish.

Elmolo Free Campsite

We provide a campsite at the bamboo garden at the Elmolo crocodile Park. Located next to the Beach and crocodile park, that should be an amazing experience. Our campsite is free for all backpackers with thier own camping gear on condiction that meals and utilities are purchased withing the Premises. This offers runs until further Notice.

Elmolo Beach lodge

The Elmolo beach lodge is a 6 bedroom beach house that can easily fit 12 plus extra guests on request. The lodge is fitted with kind size beds in all rooms, a mini kitchen, living room and verandah It is ideal for groups and also solo travelers.

Other facilities

You shall have free access to the Elmolo crocodile and animal park, a private beach, garden and picnic site.


Beach Lodge

Kshs 5,500 Full House per night

  • Kshs 2,000 per Room B&B
  • kSHS 1,500 per Room self cooking

Camp site

Free per night

  • Free for 4 days
  • Terms apply
  • Contact for long term stay

Day Visit

Kshs 500 per adult

  • Kshs 250 Kids
  • All residing Guests free

The Elmolo Backpackers Beach Camp

Bamboo Garden

Bamboo garden, picnic site and play ground. Absolutely lovely for a fun day our. See you soon.

Elmolo campsite

Free campsite (terms & conditions apply) for backpackers and overland tourists. Beach campsite..

Elmolo Beach Lodge

Beach House lodge for shared and solo accomodation packages. King size Beds and fireplace.

About Us

Backpackers in Western Kenya.

The Elmolo Backpackers beach camp was set up as the ultimate backpacker and overland traveler destination with two major purposes. First to provide a raw, exciting, secure and memorable visitor destination and secondly to open up the amazing location to tourists and travelers.

Set inside the Elmolo crocodile park, we provide you with an opportunity to live, work and engage us at the Elmolo crocodile park.

Apart from accommodation and activities within the Camp. There is a wealth of activities including Mageta island tours. Fishing expeditions. Fish with the locals. Siungu beach white sand visits for a swim and picnicing. Bird watching, Hiking on Usenge hills, Bike safaris and many more activities.

Your visit to Uhanya beach shall not only be amazing. It shall be affordable and memorable.


PThe Elmolo Backpackers camp came out of the need to set up a facility for travelers to Uhanya beach. The beach camp was set up inside the park ealy 2017 and we are growing by leaps and bounds.

We host travelers from all over the world visiting the laid back beaches at Yimbo Uhanya.

Our rating

  • Crocodile and Animal park ( 40% )
  • Backpacker Accommodation ( 80% )
  • Adventure travel( 100% )
  • Events ( 60% )

The Team

team member
Ed Tyc
Team Leader

Conservation enthusiast and crocodile expert.

team member

Ethusiastic, reliable and always handy.

team member

Always at hand to assist. In charge accommodation.

team member
Campsite manager

Shall help you set up and feel at home, Handy and reliable.


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